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Press Page

Thank you for your interest in Gentleman Squid Studio. Our many arms wish to shake your hand for supporting us. We have many years of experience developing training software, but we are very new to bringing video games to players. Games are a huge passion of ours and we are excited to take on this new endeavor. Like other game developers, our intent is to make good games. Give us the chance, and we feel you’ll have a good time. If you don’t have a good time, our many arms wish to slap your face repeatedly. Actually, we'd rather hear your constructive feedback.

Core Team

Tim SmithTim Smith - Studio Director

Tim has been a big help in developing our game concepts, coming up with many assets for our games in all phases of production. He also created the games teasers and trailers, as well as the holiday-themed game Here Runs Santa Claus and the Flash minigame Squid Defense, which was a precursor to Rise of the Ravager. Tim has a great sense of humor and wears ties all the time. No one is sure why.

FrankFrank Kishpaugh - Artist/Designer

Frank is quiet, but when he talks, we listen. Formally from EA, we promised him sleep and waffles to help us whenever he can. Very much part of the team, you haven’t quite experienced all that that he can bring to the table, but his influences are all over our games. Rise of the Ravager is a sample of his talent, as he was responsible for the cool menu design and intro movie. We can’t wait to showcase him more in upcoming projects.

JeremyJeremy Greene – Programmer

Jeremy is the newest member of our team. Schooled at NYU, he has a long history in 3D and programming, even going back to Battlefield 1942 modding. He loves making music and playing games, and is getting to know Unity to assist in further game development as we consider leaving XNA and Monogame behind to chart our course into the future.

TiffanyTiffany Sanders – Marketing

Tiffany has been integral in coordinating the marketing efforts for Gentleman Squid. She’s behind the scenes cooking up press releases and in the frontlines at tradeshows and conventions - even flying to freezing Boston to help us showcase at Pax East. We don’t know where we’d be without her, and without her, you wouldn’t know where we’d be.

Collaborators & Support
Jen B Fabian Jen M Steve David