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For the next two weeks, Gentleman Squid Studio will be increasing the donating amount from sales of our holiday-themed game, Here Runs Santa Claus, from 35% to 90%. From now through the end of the sale on 12/26, 90% of all proceeds made will go to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. We’re so grateful for the wonderful, life-saving work they do, and want to help them during this time when so many are in need of extra care. Please check out the game at and help us give to those in need during the holidays.

Gentleman Squid is proud to announce the release of our new holiday-themed game for PC: Here Runs Santa Claus! In this infinite runner, help Santa collect powerups, avoid obstacles, and unleash his hidden power to keep going and going… for the children. As part of our effort to get into the holiday spirit, and our desire to help those who need it most this time of year, we are also pleased to announce that 35% of all proceeds made from this game will go to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital (

For more information, go to the game page at, but act fast! This game will only be available to purchase and download until December 26th, when Santa will retire until next year. Thanks, and happy holidays!

Gentleman Squid has a new director to lead the studio in the next phase of gaming development. Tim Smith, a graphic artist and game concept designer, is poised to manage all future gaming and strategic planning for the company. Tim worked closely with former director Fabian Florez from the inception of GSS and is intimately familiar with the studio vision. Tim has a background in art and animation and is also credited with developing all of the dynamic video trailers for GSS titles. Say hello to Tim!

Gentleman Squid announced today that Director Fabian Florez has accepted a new position. The management team expresses their well wishes to Fabian as he embarks upon a new role outside of the gaming industry. Due to his immense passion and talent, Gentleman Squid is now an established indie gaming studio with titles sold on STEAM, iTunes and His vision and leadership will continue to influence the development and direction of GSS. Thank you, Fabian! You’ll be missed.

Did you know Rise of the Ravager was recently GREENLIT for Steam? Well it was and we’re really excited about it! We’re currently in the process of prepping the game for a re-release along with some other Rise of the Ravager related news. Stay tuned!

Have you played our original inspiration for Rise of the Ravager we developed called Squid Defense? Play it here.

We are attending the Otronicon Convention this weekend from January 16 – 19th celebrating their 10 year anniversary. Come hang with us and talk video games. Visit to learn more.

The team of Gentleman Squid is happy to report this bit of news: Three Dead Zed is finally coming to Steam on July 7, 2014! We didn't just throw the game up on Steam without any improvements either. We've added the option for custom keybinds, windowed mode, Steam achievements, Steam trading cards, a digital artbook, a new ending, and improvements to various stages making the overall experience even more enjoyable.

Fear not if you previously purchased Three Dead Zed in the past, because we are working on getting you a key for the Steam version too. It's our way of saying "Thank you!" for your early support!

Visit the Steam store 7.7.14

We've been asked, "How did you come up with the idea for Rise of the Ravager?" It all started with our prototype game, Squid Defense. We saw something there that we wanted to develop into a more complete experience.

Full of exciting old-school arcade action, a never-ending wave of enemies on a kamikaze mission try to destroy your beloved town. Using your squid defense system, hold out as long as you can against the approaching horde!

Play and enjoy it today on Kongregate!

Gentleman Squid Studio is listed under "5 indie game developers in Orlando you should know" in the Orlando Business Journal!

We are honored and excited to present Rise of the Ravager at Mininomicon #5! This event is completely free and open to the public. If you live in the Orlando area, please stop on by and chat with us. The first 50 people there will receive a free Rise of the Ravager poster. Visit Indienomicon for more information.

Rise of the Ravager reviews are starting to roll in and they are positive! We would to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us and talk about your experiences with Rise of the Ravager.


"The various skill combinations (and option to refund), multiple levels, and New Game+ (ha, more like Difficulty+) make it easy to recommend as a shooter."

Wraithkal's Indie Gaming Corner

Single player in Rise of the Ravager was loads of fun

Indie Statik

At first I thought it a little dull... Soon, however, I was to eat those thoughts of mine.

It's been a long time since we've reported anything about our Linux build of Three Dead Zed, but haven't forgotten it and we are near completion for release. Stay tuned!

We all returned safely back from PAX to be pleasantly greeted by this incredible article about the team. Thank you very much for the kind words!

Gentleman Squid Studio is going to PAX East! We are very excited to go and would love to see you. Please come visit us at booth #1059 and experience our newest game, Rise of the Ravager! For press appointments, please contact Fabian Florez and he will get back with you shortly.

We are so excited to say, "Three Dead Zed is on the Xbox Live Indie Channel!" We apologize for the long wait, but the process was a new learning experience for us and seeking to get approved. Because we are so excited to be on XBLIG, We are running a promo for the game. It is available until December 31 for 240 Microsoft Points ($3). Afterwards it will return to 400 MS. So act now!

What's next? We are currently working on a new game, looking into a Linux build of Three Dead Zed, and we haven't forgot about that eventually-arcade-link on the front page. Be sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter for all news from us.

Three Dead Zed is receiving a face lift. Thanks to feedback from all of you, we’ve added higher resolution, improved controls, more music, improved interface, and many other features to improve the experience. We’ve also had inquires to, "Why isn’t this on Xbox?" Well now it will be! Three Dead Zed is currently in peer review, so sit tight XBLI lovers.

Astro Drop is now available on Android devices! The iOS build is done, but currently in the process of being approved by Apple. We hope you all enjoy Astro Drop! Drop us a line as we like hearing back from people.